Prenatal PAR-Q

    If you are planning to join the training of FitnessByMaria, start by answering the questions below.
    Please read the questions carefully and answer each one honestly: Circle YES or NO.

    You will need to provide a doctors approval before starting your first workout while being pregnant.

    Pre-Natal Health Checklist

    Setting Boundaries
    Throughout our coaching partnership, there may be things that come up that you are or are not comfortable talking about. Topics such as your menstrual cycle, pelvic floor health, nutrition, sleep, and stress may all have an impact on your training and your results to varying degrees.

    Please indicate which topics you are comfortable talking about with me as your coach by checking the box (or check the first box if you are comfort- able talking about all of them). If you are not comfortable talking about these issues with me, leave the box blank. (Please note you may change your decision at any time). As you go through the rest of this form, feel free to leave the questions that you do not feel comfortable answering blank.

    I am comfortable talking about any of the topics below:

    General health status

    In the past, have you experienced:

    Status of current pregancy

    During this pregnancy, have you experienced:

    Activity habits during the past month

    Does your regular occupation (job/home) activity involve:

    General health checklist